Change Management

Linea Nine Step Change Management ModelTM

Change Management  Model

Why is Change Management Important?

Customers, the competition and the market evolve and change constantly. Competitors’ products and services will have more features, look better and cost less tomorrow than they do today. Continually changing markets effect all organisations and sooner or later the world will move on. An organisation’s products and services will quickly become obsolete if they don’t keep up with constantly changing market demands.

Standing still is not an option. Change is inevitable.

We all need to be prepared to evolve and adapt to changing market conditions. The better an organisation is at adapting, the more competitive they will become. Change Management recognises that the culture of an organisation supports or undermines business change to differing degrees.

The Role of Change Management in Our Work

Change Management underpins everything we do and by adopting a structured approach to involving the people affected by change, we significantly improve the success of any transition arising from project work or external factors affecting the operation. 

We work with our clients to ensure transition is smooth and trouble free through the application of our tried and tested approach and the application of our nine stage Change Acceptance ModelTM, which is supported by the application of some simple, tools and techniques.

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