People Development ModelPeople are the foundation of any organisation. The only point at which sustainable Continuous Improvement can be achieved is when the person or team actually undertaking the job has autonomy and responsibility for improving the process as part of a multidisciplinary team.

People Development is essential to facilitate the retention of staff at all levels. Research has shown that a structured career path is necessary for job satisfaction and job retention.

We support the development of people and key stakeholders using planned and unplanned learning, knowledge transfer and capability building, in order to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage for our clients.

Linea Consultants regularly work with Individuals from within client organisations to deliver and embed sustainable change quickly. The result is that individuals quickly develop skills, become more effective, and take on bigger and more significant challenges. We actively encourage this approach.

We are strong advocates for people development whilst delivering consultancy services as this helps people adjust to changing job requirements. It also creates a pool of qualified and available people, who are ready to step in to new roles as the client organisation needs them.

This process helps our clients to develop a more effective, efficient, productive and motivated internal team. Done properly, this will ensure that objectives are achieved and competitive position improved on an ongoing basis.

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