Procurement and Supply Chain

Procurement and Supply Chain functions are an organisations’ most powerful profit improvement lever.  Ineffective operations can add as much as 50% to operating costs and are a key contributor to low levels of customer satisfaction.

Linea assists Public and Private sector clients in driving value from their procurement and supply chain processes. Identifying areas that offer efficiency and cost improvement savings, which provide clients with the opportunity to restructure their processes to meet changing demands. Equally, simplified processes and increased capability in procurement can release resources to focus on creating and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Our Focus

We are focused on supporting the development of sustainable, efficient and reliable procurement and supply chains functions. Our team applies effective strategies, optimises supplier bases and establishes productive supplier relationships that drive results and improve overall performance.

Procurement and Supply Chain Solutions

We provide clients with a range of tailored services with the aim of maximising value, through the delivery of efficiency and cost reduction activities.


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