Programme Delivery

Over 70% of improvement project and programme delivery is either abandoned or fails in some way.

The most common reasons cited include cost over-runs, time over-runs and projects not achieving benefit expectations. Our experience tells us that this is often due in no small part to incomplete, poorly defined or changing requirements and specifications, lack of planning and low levels of stakeholder involvement.

It is essential that project and programme success is not left to chance. The temporary nature of projects and programmes stands in contrast to operations or on-going business. In practice, Project and Programme Management is somewhat different to the routine activities within an organisation which are repetitive, permanent or semi-permanent functional work-streams, which produce products or services.

Our success in this field is directly related to the way in which we approach Project and Programme Management.

All Linea Projects and Programme delivery is managed in line with PRINCE2 or Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) methodologies which mean that customers can be confident that recognised, rigorous standards and controls are applied throughout the project life cycle.

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