Resource Planning

Linea 5 Rights ModelResource planning is a key process in linking business strategy and its operation. A company’s employees are its greatest asset and its people are its product. People contribute as much as 50% of organisational costs. Often half of the workforce are in complex, knowledge-intensive roles that are fundamental to the success and profitability of their organisations. The cost of poor resource planning can therefore be significant. All organisations understand that success comes from having the right people with the right skills aligned to the work that needs to be completed. However, many industries face critical shortages of essential talent, while others struggle to define the shape of the workforce they need in the midst of major and rapid change. Through our Five Rights Model™ Linea provides clients with assurance that they have the correct resources in place, mitigating the critical gap between success and failure. 

The Five Rights   

Strategic Resource Planning provides the basis for the talent required to deliver an organisations strategy. To ensure that the right number of people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right level and at the right cost, the development of a robust resource planning process is essential.  




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