Commercial Excellence

Commercial Excellence embraces the continuing development all types of commercial competencies and interaction with the customer. We support clients in generating profitable growth through the improvement of those commercial competencies, necessary to develop and deliver market leading products and services. Strategy, Customer Experience and lean operations feature heavily in our modular commercial training programmes.

Commercial Strategy – how do we best target markets and customer?

Our training assists clients in defining and deciding where to compete by focusing on the ‘right’ customers for them.  Our sessions concentrate on matching approach to the customer’s needs and expectations an by defining what is required to deliver products and services effectively and efficiently.

Customer Experience – how do we identify customer needs and add value?

We cover the ways in which different customer interactions create unique experiences resulting not only in improved levels of satisfaction, but also the generation of additional revenue.
We also look at what it takes to create a unique customer experience in terms of processes, resources, competences and roles and responsibilities. Training focusses on current activities where clients are able to reduce/eliminate waste without sacrificing the customer experience, to save costs and strengthen our competitiveness.

Efficiency and Effectiveness – Achieving Lean operations whilst delivering outstanding customer facing services

Sessions cover how client businesses integrate customer experience within operations in order to achieve improvements in both revenue and costs? We examine how to optimise processes to efficiently deliver customer value – consistently.

In addition, we look at how it is possible to select areas to reduce customer value without disappointing customers, in order to save costs and strengthening price competitiveness whilst continuously developing both efficiency and effectiveness in sales, services and marketing operations.

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